We are WIN

Many Australians are living with overweight or obesity, and while weight issues have been seen in the media more frequently over the past few years, the voice of people living with overweight and obesity has been missing.

In 2019, Weight Issues Network (WIN) was established. People living with overweight and obesity, passionate clinicians and health academics worked together to develop the purpose, objectives and guiding principles of this new organisation. It was agreed that WIN should be accessible for a broad range of people, including those with lived experience along with parents and carers, family members, friends, and clinicians.

With little funding, and through the hard work and passion of the board, volunteers, and members, WIN has become an influential advocate for respectful media representation of people living with overweight and obesity along with appropriate medical care and support.

In 2020, WIN became an established Australian Charity, and in 2021 received its first government funding grant.

We support

WIN supports those whose lives are affected by obesity. It does this by running regular community meetings, sharing scientific information about obesity, and providing a safe and judgement free space for people to share their own experiences and stories.