Our Purpose

We provide a strong voice and support for people living with and affected by obesity.

We do this by:

  • Raising awareness around the challenges and need for support
  • Advocating for people’s needs
  • Fighting weight stigma, bias and discrimination
  • Creating a community of support and opportunities for people to share their experiences, stories and insights to help others
  • Providing evidence-based education on obesity

Position statement

WIN believes there are many ways to consider ‘weight matters’, and we do not subscribe to a one size fits all approach; instead, we respect peoples’ right to choose a path that is appropriate for them. For some, this means reducing their weight to minimise longer-term health risks, while for others, the absence of immediate health concerns means that they remain content and without the goal of weight reduction.

In Australia, the classification of obesity as a disease is contentious. WIN recognises that this is a complex issue. Regardless of the definition, our concern is with the experience of those living with obesity, and the supports available.

WIN principles

Safe and empowering

People feel safe both physically and psychologically. Provide information, support and a platform for people to have a voice.


We work together and with other organisations to make a difference.


Focus to reduce stigma and discrimination in Australia. Separate the person and the condition.

Brave and bold

Hold high expectations of what we want to achieve. Inspire people to participate, learn, grow and make a difference. Be brave and bold in facing challenges that arise.

Equity and inclusion

Include and respect the broad range of people living with obesity, their families, loved ones and carers.


Transparency about funding, plans and conflicts of interest. Clear with our intentions and approach.